Almost all of us have a story about how mental health has affected our lives, yet we tend to keep it secret. Storytelling is an evidence backed way to decreases stigma, raises awareness, gives hope, and also is typically a positive experience for the storyteller.



Sam Jeffery discusses her journey to finding mental wellness through fitness, but not before hitting rock bottom and attempting sucicide.




Through my personal experience I have seen the positive outcomes of taking part in therapy along with healthy physical activity. Taking someone that sees themselves as an addict, failure or not good enough and showing them that they can achieve goals they never dreamed they could is a beautiful transformation that I wish all could experience




Written by Kit Hinders.




“Steven Graham Winter Stingley was a one-of-a-kind human being born in Omaha, NE but spent most of his life in Colorado. He was the oldest of four sons to Mary and Steve Stingley. He loved many facets of life despite suffering from depression since he was a young child. He was always wise beyond his years and was thought of as highly intelligent, intellectual, well-read and philosophical. Among his impassioned interests were nature and the outdoors, music, literature, film, art, and dogs. He had the opportunity to travel widely across Colorado, The USA, North America and Europe. What he valued most was time spent his parents, three brothers, and close friends. His one of kind personality, including booming laugh and extreme wit, resonated with so many different kinds of people that will truly miss him.




As I was stumbling across a bustling Barcelona street, my body didn’t feel like my own and my mind was overcome with anxiety, confusion, and utter despair. I thought for more than a moment that I should just let the next flow of oncoming traffic lay into me. I didn’t want to die. I just thought the idea of being in an ambulance, heading to the hospital would bring some relief to the torment that had become every waking moment of my life.




In 2012 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And historically, this is the time of year when my energy skyrockets to the extent that it changes the person I am and skews my judgement. I’ve certainly become more adept at preventing these episodes, no matter how fun they may feel. But I’m still learning.




"I have been involved with Go4Graham from the start and currently am on the board of directors. One of the many reasons I spend my extra time pursuing this endeavor is because I want to do my part in helping our society make a change and help the millions that struggle every day with depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses. I personally have struggled with my own bouts of depression for many years and have always used exercising outdoors as a tool to help fight back those darker days.




The clouds of depression often conceal themselves so stealthily among the other issues of life that I only notice them as they leave and the sun begins it’s metaphoric return. These clouds come in waves, always have, as long as I can remember. A constant reminder that storms lay in wait amongst the vast blue sky. This is just how some of us live.