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Steven Graham Winter Stingley was a one-of-a-kind human being born in Omaha, NE but spent most of his life in Colorado. He was the oldest of four sons to Mary and Steve Stingley. He loved many facets of life despite suffering from depression since he was a young child.

He was always wise beyond his years and was thought of as highly intelligent, intellectual, well-read and philosophical. Among his impassioned interests were nature and the outdoors, music, literature, film, art, and dogs. He had the opportunity to travel widely across Colorado, The USA, North America and Europe. What he valued most was time spent his parents, three brothers, and close friends.

His one of kind personality, including booming laugh and extreme wit, resonated with so many different kinds of people that will truly miss him.

Graham died on 2/18/2005 from a fatal interaction with his antidepressant medication (MAOI) and over the counter medicine he was taking for a cold. His body was found in his Denver Apartment by his brother.

Graham was a kind, loving, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and very humorous child and young man, who will be missed forever by his family and friends.

Want to know more about Graham? His father wrote a book- Under the Night Sky: A Father's Story of Love and Loss. Contact Will@go4graham.org for a free copy or click here to buy a copy of the downloadable Kindle version for just $1.

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our mission

To shred the stigma surrounding mental health and to promote mental wellness through exercise, community connections, and education.


To reduce mental health related suffering across America.

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Ambassadors and Race Teams

Go4Graham has built a grassroots community of athletes in Colorado and beyond who are passionate about mental health and wellness. These cyclists, runners, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, yogis, crossfitters, and more are reducing stigma in their communities. Each person goes through a workshop where they learn mental health basics, local resources, and how to help loved ones who are in crisis or need mental health treatment.


Education workshops

We partner with local organizations like the University of Colorado Johnson Depression Center to educate communities about a range of topics related to mental health and wellness, including Suicide Prevention, Self Care, Mental Health 101, Mindfulness, Stress Management, and more. Please check out our Events Page for details.


peer support

The evidence is clear, peer support works. Go4Graham provides in person support groups as well as digital support channels. Check our events page for the next support groups. (COMING SOON)



Research shows one of the most effective ways to reduce stigma is by having real people be vulnerable and tell their stories about how mental illness has effected their life.
Share your story.


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