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Go4Graham is a community based movement to shred the stigma surrounding mental health and to promote mental wellness through physical activity, community. and education.

Go4Graham's mission
Stigma is a forceful barrier that affects so many aspects of the mental health world. It can make people feel alone and hopeless. It prevents people from seeking treatment. It leads to less access to treatment providers in less places. That's why we exist, to bring together a community to support all of our mental health needs.


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MAY 24, 2018


MAY 24, 2018
The peloton
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The Crossfit Train G4G team


There's a reason Go4Graham promotes movement. Exercise and physical activity is one of the most proven forms of prevention and treatment of mental health issues. We have an ambassador advocate program with athletes of all kinds--cyclists, runners, climbers, skiers, yogis, crossfitters, and more.

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People feel less connected now than ever before. Being a part of a community is core to who we are as humans and is essential to mental wellness. Go4Graham fosters genuine connection and community. Come out to one of our events!




What exactly is mental health? What is depression? When do I seek treatment and what are the options? What are some ways to support loved ones with mental illness? Why is suicide the leading cause of death among teens?

We can't begin to tackle these massively complex issues if we don't know the facts. Go4Graham holds educational workshops for the community.

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We are always looking for partners who are passionate about mental health and wellness.