Taylor Ross

"I have been involved with Go4Graham from the start and currently am on the board of directors. One of the many reasons I spend my extra time pursuing this endeavor is because I want to do my part in helping our society make a change and help the millions that struggle every day with depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses. I personally have struggled with my own bouts of depression for many years and have always used exercising outdoors as a tool to help fight back those darker days.

Cycling doesn’t cure me, but it helps and there is a lot of research suggesting that exercise and social connection play a huge role in the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety. The idea of just starting a conversation and checking in with your friends and family will help us all transform the stigma that surrounds mental heal. These small changes help to re-frame the way we look at mental health which will lead to the bigger changes that need to happen in our health care systems, but I think it starts with connections and community.