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Our mission is to have a positive impact on those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other brain disorders in honor of our brother, son, and friend Graham Stingley.

Go4Graham is working to raise awareness, fight stigmas, and break the silence surrounding mental health and depression. Join our movement.
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We serve our mission by


Raising funds to support amazing groups such as the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado, The National Network of Depression Centers, and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.


Increasing public awareness and compassion and decreasing stigma. We do this with our Ambassador Program. We have cyclists, runners, climbers, golfers, crossfitters, yogis, skiers and more all over the country creating space to have meaningful but tough conversations about mental health issues. We also show up to active events in hopes of sparking conversations about mental health. All the conversations chip away at the stigma that is so strong.


We promote active, healthy lifestyles for a reason. There is sufficient research and evidence to suggest that exercise and social connections are two very important factors for the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety. Of course, sometimes these things aren't enough and other prevention and treatment plans should be considered. There are so many things have tremendously helped sufferers, including but not limited to pharmaceutical medications, psychotherapy, alternative therapies, diet and nutrition sleep, exposure to nature, meditation, ECT, TMS, Ketamine, herbal and supplemental therapies.


Only when we decrease the stigma and normalize depression and anxiety disorders, we can then start addressing them like any other medical event, and that includes requiring insurance providers to include mental health services.


We also partner with local community foundations to host education events such as suicide prevention workshops.